Daily Money Managers, Inc. (DMM) is a business that helps individuals and small businesses with daily money management activities. We review and pay bills, balance checkbooks, maintain accurate financial records, organize financial documents, and help with a wide variety of other money management related activities.

Health Insurance. We have extensive experience with insurance and health care financial issues. We can review your medical bills and make sure they’re correct before you pay them. We can also help navigate the Medicare system, including assistance with the Medicare Part D prescription drug program.

Small Businesses. We can pay and manage your bills and make sure everything’s posted correctly. We can prepare regular reports and summaries so you know where your money is going.

Seniors and Busy Professionals. We can help with paying bills, balancing checkbooks, sorting mail, and organizing financial files. We work with other professionals, like your accountant, attorney, and financial planner to simplify your financial life.

You Keep Control of Your Money. We normally prepare checks for your signature — we don’t have any control over your finances unless you specifically authorize it in writing.

There is No Charge for an Initial Visit. We don’t charge for the initial visit — this is a meeting to assess what services you need from us and what we can provide. It would be very helpful to have a family member or other advisor at the meeting, especially if that person helps make decisions about your finances or health care.

We Provide Services in Your Home or Business. There is no need for you to travel, and we can adjust our schedule to fit yours. We can either provide all services in your home or do some of the work in our offices, whichever you choose.

We are Affordable. After the initial setup, most people will only need one or two visits a month. Individuals with routine needs usually only need about 3 or 4 hours of services per month.

Our Fees. We charge $65 per hour for our services. We bill for the initial setup, and monthly thereafter. We charge for travel time, but we don’t live by a stopwatch, either. We won’t nickel and dime you for every quick phone call or email. We want our clients to feel comfortable contacting us whenever they need to.